Middle-aged millennials out-spending boomers on luxury travel

And the world's old-money hotels are now battling to appeal to the tastes of the more recently rich

May 24, 2023

Millennials - those born after 1981 - officially outspent Boomers last year, according to a report from Boston-based management consulting company Bain & Company, and they’re on track to represent 80 percent of luxury purchases by 2030, including travel.

Key takeaways

  • With work-from-home here to stay and digital nomad visas becoming the norm, the global travel industry is racing to transform once oh-so-boomer properties into escapes for the newly middle-aged;
  • Hilton, like its competition, has been busy, augmenting its brand portfolio with products designed with the millennial traveler in mind;
  • Even the business travel industry has reacted to a new generation of travelers less interested in stuffy, formal experiences.

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