One-third of travel revenue could come from AI in 2024

AI-influenced revenue in the travel industry has risen from 9% in 2018 to 21% in 2021. In 2024, this number is expected to rise to 32%

Jan 9, 2024

AI isn’t the only tech trend that should be on your radar for 2024. Travel and hospitality are poised to undergo a major change as technology modernizes the entire industry.

Key takeaways

  • For modern travelers, tailored experiences are no longer a luxury but a necessity. 80% of consumers demand personalized experiences from retailers, and the tourism industry is no exception;
  • In 2024, conversational commerce is set to transcend its status as a buzzword, emerging as a potent tool for businesses in the travel and hospitality sector;
  • Powerful AI is not only making the online experience better. It also merges what happens online and in person to create an even better experience for customers.

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