Phocuswright’s 2024 guide to travel innovation and tech

Travel is at a tipping point, balancing traditional ways of doing business with an exciting future of emerging technologies

Feb 5, 2024

AI has transformed from something esoteric into something nearly everyone has heard of, and every company needs to embrace. And while generative AI may have seemed like the only tech story of late, there are plenty of other developments in travel and technology that will influence how travel businesses operate in the coming years.

Key takeaways

  • The main limiting factors to technology adoption stem from concerns about the costs of integrating new tech, fear of wasting time on fads and not wanting to compromise on travel’s essential human touch;
  • The very nature of digital identity is changing. Momentum is building to decouple identity from individual vendor-driven profiles by embracing a self-sovereign digital identity (SSI) that is owned and controlled by the individual;
  • There is one big holdout still hotly debated as the sector that may never fully recover from 2020 – and that, of course, is corporate travel. By understanding how large corporations plan to achieve sustainability targets, we can better predict corporate travel’s recovery.

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