Return of business travel greatly exaggerated

And it’s not just zoom calls, the biggest driver of the drag in business travel is work from home

Dec 19, 2023

A significant aspect of managed corporate travel involved consultants traveling from Monday to Thursday to work on-site at client offices, but this practice has largely diminished. With clients not requiring everyone in the office daily, consultants no longer need to be on-site.

Key takeaways

  • Despite Delta CEO Ed Bastian's assertion that business travel is thriving, he notes it is still "about 20% below" 2019 levels. Traditional corporate travel, in particular, is considered largely obsolete, with people no longer traveling for managed business purposes.
  • Bastian acknowledges the decline in traditional corporate travel but sees remote work as beneficial for leisure travel. He believes remote work contributes to a smoother holiday travel season, as people can work remotely and take longer trips. Additionally, he suggests that it is now easier than ever to travel for work.
  • The overall trend indicates not only a lag in managed business travel but also a lack of significant rebound in this sector.

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