Revenge travel is here to stay

New Visa Global Travel Intentions study showcases consumer’s hunger for travel in the post COVID economy, despite rising costs

Nov 29, 2023

Visa announced the results of its 2023 U.S. edition of the Visa Global Travel Intentions Study, revealing emerging trends in consumer behaviors and preferences for outbound and inbound cross-border travel.

Key takeaways

  • Prioritizing days away for leisure: American international travelers2 surveyed took an average of three international trips for around seven days, but Gen Z spent longer away at more than 8 days. Travelers prioritize trips for relaxation (47%), followed by exploring something new (35%) and seeking adventures (33%). Australia, Canada, France and United Kingdom are top destinations for 2024;
  • Big spenders: Those in our survey reported an average trip spend of $4,204, with more than 60% of total spend purchases at destinations leading travelers to budget more for on-site needs;
  • Embracing sustainable travel options: 76% of surveyed travelers will choose eco-travel options if they are available at the same price or cheaper than alternative options, specifically accommodations.

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