Six ways Gen AI will change the way we travel in 2024

Gen AI hasn’t set the world on fire yet, but there's a lot of possibilities coming

Jan 3, 2024

According to Rafat Ali, co-founder of Skift, the promise of AI is, if you are a logged-in user on a platform that knows your history, how you travel and what you've previously booked, then the matching of the right type of results seems to be a lot more promising.

Key takeaways

  • Conversational ideation: Companies such as Expedia and Kayak have already embedded ChatGPT windows into their websites so you can chat with the bot as you would a friend on WhatsApp;
  • Custom itineraries: Putting together an itinerary can take hours of cross-referencing and planning but Tripadvisor’s new ChatGPT integration can do it in seconds;
  • Curated inspiration: Closing the gap between inspiration and reservations,'s new ChatGPT-powered AI Trip Planner generates a visual list properties and prices based on whatever parameters you want to provide (such as near the sea or in a place that’s not too touristy), with deep-links to view the hotels in more detail.

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