Spain proposes ban on short-haul domestic flights

The Spanish government has proposed a ban on some short-haul domestic flights where there is an alternative train journey of less than two and a half hours

Mar 8, 2024

The move is part of the Spanish government’s 2050 climate action plan to reduce carbon emissions and follows a similar ban implemented in France last year, which currently applies to three routes from Paris Orly airport to Nantes, Lyon and Bordeaux.

Key takeaways

  • Connecting flights in Spain with links to international routes will not be affected by the proposed ban, so international air hubs such as Madrid and Barcelona are unlikely to see any schedule or slot changes;
  • The proposal, which also considers the impact of restricting private jet use, will undergo further review before it is enacted into law and, according to industry reports, details remain unclear as to when the measures will be introduced or which domestic connections will be affected;
  • Climate advocates and travel industry professionals have criticized the limited impact of short-haul flight bans in instances where airport slots have been reallocated to longer, more carbon-intensive flights.

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