Stop chasing the leisure experience in business travel

Technology is ironing out the seams in the traveller experience. The danger, however, is pressing things too flat to remove the unique aspects of business travel

May 25, 2023

Much of the development and marketing around corporate booking tools has sought to emphasize bringing a more consumer-like experience to the tools, mimicking the experience travelers have when booking for their leisure travel

Key takeaways

  • Content remains a key challenge in corporate booking. Travelers who feel like they can find better deals outside of their tool will be frustrated and less likely to want to use it;
  • Airlines and travel technology suppliers often talk in general terms about NDC being the key to bringing a more consumer-like experience to corporate travel booking, but many also caution that, due to distinctive needs with business travel, mimicking the leisure experience too much could damage the managed corporate traveller experience;
  • Ten trips to a particular destination, with similar hotel stays, is not something you might typically see with leisure travel. It's a prime example of an advantage business travel may have when it comes to understanding a traveller profile, the past trip data and then delivering trustworthy personalized options.

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