Studies see possible muted fall, return of holiday travel

OTA web traffic decline indicates potential drop in travel demand beyond normal seasonal patterns

Nov 10, 2022

The summer of “revenge travel” - in which consumers spent their discretionary income on travel despite the wavering economy and higher inflation - has given way to a muted fall and winter travel outlook, a new study by Similarweb reveals.

Key takeaways

  • Web traffic for Expedia, Airbnb and dropped slightly from August to September, and again from September to October;
  • Traffic conversions - web visits that end in a purchase - rose 10% for September compared to the same month last year and climbed 10% for Q3 year-over-year for, Airbnb and Expedia;
  • The rate of descent is a little concerning, and it’s happening in concert for all three companies that we tracked, so it’s clearly a trend, the report says.

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