Tech set to enhance traveler experiences in 2024

While the AI boom is already shaping the travel sector, there is much more to come as more use cases emerge while the technology further matures

Dec 21, 2023

Looking forward into 2024, we can expect continuous technological advancements that will empower businesses to achieve more with fewer resources and experiences that would have seemed magical just a decade ago.

Key takeaways

  • The launch of Apple's Vision Pro and the rise of ChatGPT have paved the way for the expansion of XR and AI. This convergence presents an opportunity for the tourism sector to offer highly personalized experiences at a significant cost savings;
  • For example, tourism businesses can employ XR technology for digital concierges or guides. Picture AR models engaging with visitors through wearables like smart glasses, offering real-time AI-generated responses instead of relying on time-consuming human-managed response libraries;
  • Effectively managing crowds and promoting hidden gems are crucial for a positive visitor experience. As tourism businesses increasingly leverage real-time data, these trends are becoming interconnected and scaling up.

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