The mid-term potential of Generative AI in travel

Agoda on the possibilities of Generative AI in travel in the next one to five years

Jul 5, 2023

Many conversations about the future of AI talk about job losses and malicious tech. In travel we hear projections about hotels being run almost completely by software with human-like interfaces to book and explore. Maybe that is possible, but it’s quite far-off. According to Agoda, there are other areas that will be disrupted in the next five years.

Key takeaways

  • The rise of the automated developer: ChatGPT is a very impressive proof of concept of how good a machine can become in things like writing code and fixing bugs;
  • Automation of content generation: In travel, this might be hotel descriptions, itinerary planning, reviews summarizing or writing aids;
  • Conversational interfaces: What is more natural than a conversation? This may be the biggest promise of generative or autonomous AI;
  • New search experience: Google is forced to explore evolving its UX and introduce more conversational elements into search.

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