The new order of business travel

As more businesses opt for sustainable travel solutions, can the sustainability agenda make the need and want to think twice about travel last

Dec 5, 2022

From the necessity brought on by lockdowns we now have far better and widely adopted alternatives to choose from to help us do business remotely instead of making the trip. It seems however, that those new opportunities are not always being taken up - or at least, cannot fully replace business travel.

Key takeaways

  • In the new normal, travel remains an important way we connect, but aviation accounts for two to three percent of global emissions - and the number of flights are expected to grow significantly;
  • The big consultancy firms and finance firms are very much getting back out and seeing customers, making sure they're in front of them;
  • For important meetings where you’re trying to close a key business deal, where it’s important to see the whites in your counterpart’s eyes, that flight may be necessary.

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