The new psychology of luxury travel

There’s been a change not only in what luxury travelers are looking for, but even the way many are thinking about travel

Nov 30, 2023

People are booking and traveling for longer periods of time and slowing down while they do. “With the component of remote work, people are fine being in Europe for weeks with their computer,” she says. “And that’s really changed the game,” says Joanna Kuflik, director of travel services for Marchay, a curated, membership-based luxury travel club.

Key takeaways

  • With slow travel, people are able to immerse themselves more deeply in the local culture and book more experiences that allow them to really explore and appreciate the destination. They are looking to go beyond the typical resort experiences and more willing to head off the beaten path;
  • Since peak-season travel to top destinations has become so challenging due to the crowds, traveling off season, for those who can, is working out to be the new prime time;
  • Booking an entire trip around a concert, a festival or an unique event in a particular destination is happening more often in the luxury sector.

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