The promise of travel in the age of AI

A new era of digitally enabled travel is upon us, with advances in AI, machine learning, and analytics transforming the experience, according to McKinsey

Sep 28, 2023

A new report by McKinsey and Skift intends to inspire travel companies to reimagine their businesses, raise the industry’s aspirations, and unlock long-term stability and growth - all necessary to keep the magic of travel alive.

Key takeaways

  • Applications span travel organizations and use cases from AI-enabled trip planning, to individually tailored communication during disruptions, to live simulation models and virtual reality (VR) training to improve frontline decision making;
  • Travel is unique in that it can only happen in person, making it an inherently human-centric experience. The industry currently has an opportunity - and perhaps even a duty - to define what this looks like in the digital age;
  • While most travel companies aim to provide exceptional service and deliver the perfect trip, the average traveler’s experience is often far different. Digitally enabled travel gives companies the opportunity to close the persistent gap between promise and reality;
  • Larger companies may have more resources to invest in new technologies and develop in-house capabilities. Fortunately, a robust ecosystem of service providers has emerged that makes new technology accessible to companies of all sizes.

Download the free report at Skift

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