The race to embrace AI in travel is on

According to Accenture, AI transformation will happen much faster than digital transformation

Apr 3, 2023

From baggage screening and wayfinding apps in airports to hotel concierge services and booking engines, artificial intelligence (AI) has arrived in Travel. AI investments are poised to improve traveler experiences, increase operational efficiency, empower employees, simplify logistics and more.

Key takeaways

  • AI is especially important in Travel because historical data is not as relevant as it once was;
  • Understanding travelers’ needs, capturing demand, managing revenue, streamlining operations—so many fundamentals of the Travel business—hinge on capturing real-time moments and trends;
  • Travel’s AI maturity lags most other industries. Among consumer-facing industries, only public service, healthcare, and banking and capital markets have less AI maturity.

Read the full report at Accenture

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