The reason luxury travel is so expensive these days

Luxury hotel rates reached “peak levels” this year, with average daily rates up 70% compared to 2019, according to Virtuoso

Apr 2, 2024

Travel prices have surged due to familiar factors affecting various industries: inflation, escalating labor expenses, disruptions in the supply chain, and higher debt service rates. However, travelers' unwavering readiness to embrace these new rates suggests that the previous prices for five-star vacations may become a thing of the past.

Key takeaways

  • Despite the easing of inflation and rising costs, luxury travel prices remain robust. This is largely driven by strong demand at substantially elevated rates, with expenditure often being of little concern to some guests;
  • Competition is expected to moderate costs in the budget and mid-scale sectors, benefiting price-conscious travelers. Budget airfares have seen a decline due to growing competition, and the rapid expansion of budget and mid-scale hotels has introduced lower pricing as new properties are established or expanded;
  • Although travel demand remains high overall, surveys indicate that some travelers are feeling the strain of increased costs. However, this impact is not as pronounced in the luxury travel segment, which continues to flourish despite stagnant economic activity in certain major developed markets.

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