The return of the Chinese tourist?

The “golden age” of Chinese tourism is over, as the very essence of tourism in China and for the Chinese who still venture abroad is shifting

Dec 19, 2023

Today, Chinese tourism is influenced not only by economic factors but also by other elements like geopolitics. The landscape is evolving, with global protectionism taking precedence over cooperation and mutual understanding. Given the tone of the present decade, tourism cannot thrive or survive in an environment when there is so much tension, according to Dr Yong Chen, Associate Professor of Economics at EHL Hospitality Business School.

Key takeaways

  • For Prof. Chen it is therefore unrealistic for Chinese tourist numbers to return to pre-Covid levels in the next four or five years;
  • As global trade shrinks, distrust will also undermine business travel, according to Chen;
  • Even though the Chinese market remains appealing, with a population on par with that of all of Europe, “2020-2030 could be a very difficult time for China, it could be the worst of times for China,” Chen concluded.

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