The virtual reality travel industry is booming

Virtual reality and the metaverse will significantly impact the world of travel and hospitality

Jul 7, 2023

The global virtual tourism market can take many forms, from traveling to digitally imagined worlds to trekking the Himalayas from your living room couch. Booking, planning, and building like-minded travel communities are all part of the new virtual ecosystem.

Key takeaways

  • Today, the most popular form of virtual tourism is a “try before you buy” model. Not like Youtube, but live, virtual travel with tour guides worldwide;
  • A deeper dive into virtual tourism involves a more immersive experience where you are surrounded by and can self-explore your environment, with 360-degree walkthroughs offering more immediate gratification;
  • An entirely different, super-practical type of virtual travel surrounds Augmented Reality (AR) - all you need is your phone. The British Museum in London, uses AR to add layers of animations to make you more knowledgeable about what you’re seeing.

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