Three notable shifts in group travel

Overcoming new challenges is key to shaping a future where innovation and customer-centric approaches define memorable group travel experiences

Dec 14, 2023

The ever-evolving landscape of group business reflects a nuanced response to post-pandemic societal shifts. As hotels strategically adapt to the fusion of business and leisure, the emphasis on unique experiences and collaboration underscores a commitment to meeting evolving traveler preferences

Key takeaways

  • Business trips have transformed and continue to trend in the direction of incorporating personal or family vacations, mixing work and leisure more so than ever.
  • Tradeshows, company retreats, and corporate networking events are finding more creative opportunities for connection and are utilizing their community partners to create memorable moments for attendees, rather than purely focusing on just the event’s educational content.
  • There is increased flexibility in cutoff dates and greater potential for earlier room block reviews. These should be used to protect the hotel’s inventory by allowing them to closely monitor pickup and make strategic business decisions accordingly.

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