Today's demand won't define tomorrow's travelers

Don’t let the pent-up appetite for travel and experiences blind you to the need to adapt to the changing climate and consumer expectations

May 15, 2023

A panel of industry leaders offered some words of caution at the opening day of the first Hotelbeds' MarketHub Americas conference in four years Wednesday in Cancun, Mexico.

Key takeaways

  • Chief among the challenges is sustainability, a troubling subject both for the complexity of any response and the frequent contradiction between surveys that show growing concern among travelers for environmentally-friendly policies and booking data that indicates a reluctance to pay for those measures;
  • Many on the panel were surprised that inflation hasn’t already taken a toll on travel demand. The fact that people are looking more at investing in an experience than things is here to stay, and is going to be positive for our industry;
  • The younger generation, especially Gen Z, is willing to put money where their mouth is. Their money is not a meaningful part of purchasing power today, but each year that is changing, and it’s growing quickly.

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