Top U.S. business travel destinations 2023

According to BCD Travel, Europe accounts for seven of the 10 most visited intercontinental cities for American business travelers, with London being the most popular

Apr 9, 2024

The list of most visited domestic cities for business travel is led by Atlanta. The home of many Fortune 500 companies such as Delta Air Lines and Coca-Cola, Atlanta is also recognized as the city with the fastest growth in people starting a new business. Dallas-Fort Worth, featuring a robust network of major companies and corporate headquarters, and Chicago, with a growing reputation as a tech hub, follow in second and third place.

Europe is clearly leading with the top 10 intercontinental cities. According to the European Commission, the EU and U.S. have the largest trade and investment relationship in the world. Together, both economies account for one-third of global trade in goods and services. Apart from business hotspot London in first place, other European cities in the list include Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Paris, Munich, Zurich and Dublin. The ranking also includes three Asian cities: Tokyo, Seoul and Dubai.

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