Travel brands courting customers with hi-tech

Companies from Hilton Hotels to Vail Resorts and United Airlines embrace tech to hyper-personalize experiences

Mar 12, 2024

From empowering guests to have more control over their in-room experiences at Hilton Hotels, to streamlining the ski rental process at Vail Resorts and creating personalized marketing offers at United Airlines, companies are leveraging both customer-facing technologies and behind-the-scenes data analytics to enhance the ways customers experience their brands.

Key takeaways

  • Fifty-seven percent of B2C and 75% of B2B customers reported that a personalized experience would make them ‘much more likely’ or ‘significantly more likely’ to remain loyal, according to Forrester;
  • Seventy-six percent of travel and hospitality decision-makers said they consider their personalization program to be critical to their business, per a Forrester report called “Personalization at Scale in Travel and Hospitality;”
  • In turn, hospitality businesses are leaning into personalization strategies to drive business — from Hilton catering to the needs of SMBs with its new Hilton for Business program to United Airlines engaging travelers with a game-based loyalty program that customizes offers based on members’ travel history.

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