Travel companies are using AI to better customize trip itineraries

The concept of the connected trip allows pertinent information to pass along to everyone who touches an individual’s travel experience, changing how we travel and also fostering repeat customers

Jan 26, 2024

Whether a prospective traveler is working with a travel advisor or scrolling through travel websites to plan a trip themselves, AI is becoming an increasingly useful tool. The most obvious is assistance from generative AI.

Key takeaways

  • A user will input their desires for a trip, and the tool will produce a customized itinerary, including hotel information from a travel company’s proprietary database;
  • For Tripadvisor, it pulls data from over 8 million businesses and more than 1 billion reviews and opinions;
  • Expedia has over two decades’ worth of data on travel behavior and preferences, which amounts to quadrillions of combinations.

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