Travelers wary of accepting AI assistance

While there is a definitive lack of trust among travelers using AI, many may not even realize they’re already using an AI service to help them plan travel

Jun 1, 2023

A recent study completed by the National Research Group found that while 49 percent of those who have already utilized AI to help plan their trip found the tool very helpful, yet the majority of travelers express concerns about the service.

Key takeaways

  • More than half (51%) of travelers say that they're worried AI-powered travel tools will fail to adequately protect their personal data;
  • And 81% say that if they were using AI to help plan a trip, they'd want to double check all the information given to them by the AI before making any decisions;
  • 77% of travelers are also not willing to let an AI service access important travel documents such as passport information or visas.

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