Travelzoo launching Travelzoo Meta

After months of preparation, Travelzoo Meta is the company’s effort to create the future of travel

May 12, 2023

Travelzoo Meta is a members-only service offering groundbreaking metaverse travel experiences, and the company is offering access to its first million founding members.

Key takeaways

  • Travelzoo Meta’s experiences are intended to allow its members to explore hard-to-reach corners of the world, like summiting Mount Everest, or travel back in time - to Ancient Rome, perhaps.
  • With sign-ups now open, Travelzoo Meta invites those who share a vision of a world that ebbs and flows as far as the mind wanders to become founding members;
  • Travelzoo Meta founding members will not just be the first to experience the future of travel in the Metaverse; they also get to shape it.

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