UK travel trends according to Marriott

The company notices a more considered approach to travel, and a more emotional connection to travel that’s really unfolding in tandem with people’s core values

Oct 13, 2023

Hotel chain Marriott’s loyalty program Marriot Bonovoy has revealed new travel trends for the next three years in its 2024 Future Travel Trends research. The research, which was conducted in collaboration with foresight agency The Future Laboratory, analyzed the travel plans of 14,000 travelers across Europe and the Middle East over the next three years.

Key takeaways

  • AI will become a key tool for holiday planning with a fifth (19%) of people already using it for this purpose. This rises to as high as four in ten for younger adults (39% of those aged 18-34);
  • Over a quarter (26%) of those intending to go away in the next three years are planning to save travel time and money by having a similar experience through a ‘dupe destination’ - the likes of the Lake District selected over Lake Como and Morocco instead of Dubai;
  • Solo holidays, something 36% of UK travellers who have been away in the past three years have done in that period, will also continue to be a significant trend;
  • ‘Slow holidays’, where travellers take their time, connect with the local culture, disconnect from technology and minimise their impact on the environment, are becoming increasingly popular.

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