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All over Europe, travelers seek out a more profound connection to the communities and sights they are visiting

May 30, 2023

The hop-on-hop-off bus tour is still going strong, but travelers are craving experiences that peel back the layers of the place they’re visiting through immersive, “slower” experiences that also make them feel, well, a little bit special.

Key takeaways

  • At nearly every turn of the European travel experience, travelers are faced with choices and more and more of them are opting to go with brands and experiences that line up with their values;
  • After several summers worth of headlines about headache-inducing crowds, it seems that a healthy chunk of travelers is taking the hint and heading to locales where crowds are thinner and the air is fresher;
  • When it comes to some of the hottest destinations like Spain, Portugal and Italy, many travelers are shifting the dates of their trips.

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