Why business travel still matters in a Zoom world

Nonstop flights generally make traveling more pleasant - but can they lead to innovation, too, especially in the global context?

Mar 21, 2023

Research suggests that they can, with important takeaways for managers reinstating business travel in a world emerging from the pandemic. A recent Harvard Business School study examined how, when, and whether nonstop flights could spark an increase in new ideas.

Key takeaways

  • In a broad examination of flight and patent data, the study found that a 10% increase in nonstop flights between two locations led to a 1.4% increase in new patents between firms in those places;
  • Meeting face-to-face - made easier with nonstop flights - matters most when collaborators are in different time zones or overcoming cultural distance;
  • Consequently, if the two locations are in the same time zone and are culturally similar, then Zoom is good enough.

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