Will China's travel rebound inflate hotel rates worldwide?

The return of just a fraction of Chinese demand could put upwards pressure on global hotel prices

Jan 30, 2023

Chinese travelers spent $255 billion outside their own country in 2019, way ahead of second-placed USA on $132 billion, according to the WTO. China’s reopening could have significant impacts on global travel, further pushing up hotel rates in the world’s top business cities, according to Amex GBT Global Business Consulting.

Key takeaways

  • A lot of it will depend on visa requirements - which countries are imposing visa restrictions and how China is responding to that;
  • Yet bureaucracy could deter the return of Chinese travelers for at least a few months, as there is very little visa-free travel for Chinese citizens;
  • Another inhibitor on the resurgence of outbound Chinese travel is low airline capacity and attendant high fares.

Get the full story at BTN Europe and CNBC

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