18 experience trends on the rise

Unique experiences can set a hotel apart from its competitors, create new revenue opportunities, and create a loyal customer base

Mar 13, 2024

With global travel poised to surpass 2019 levels in 2024, there's more opportunity than ever for hoteliers to embrace their property’s potential as a meeting place, knowledge hub, and space for connection - with the technology to make it all easy to discover and reserve.

Key takeaways

  • The rise of remote work has created a demand for productive, communal spaces. By integrating co-working areas, hotels cater to the needs of travelers with flexible work schedules who are looking for a trusted spot outside the house;
  • Hotels are responding by offering state-of-the-art wellness experiences like saunas, cold plunges, and contrast therapy, allowing guests to rejuvenate, recharge, and return home feeling their best;
  • In an age dominated by screens and digital interactions, offering guests hands-on, creative activities presents a refreshing escape. Through Way, hotels can partner with local hosts to bring these curated experiences to life.

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