Airbnb’s EU pledge

New EU regulations provide platforms and authorities with explicit guidance on data sharing and creating balanced rules. Here's how Airbnb plans to comply

Jun 11, 2024

The introduction of new EU regulations marks the beginning of a transformative period for short-term rentals across Europe. The 24-month transition period provides a valuable opportunity for platforms and authorities to work together to plan for widespread data sharing, create balanced local regulations, and promote a more sustainable tourism industry.

Key takeaways

  • Supporting best practice data sharing: Airbnb is committed to facilitating the implementation of the new EU short-term rental regulations in a safe, effective, and streamlined way that benefits all stakeholders;
  • Implementing local regulations: The EU short-term rental rules are already influencing the way laws are formulated across Europe, requiring innovative approaches from both governments and platforms;
  • Addressing housing affordability: Airbnb recognizes the severe housing affordability crisis affecting many regions of the EU and the importance of addressing this issue for both authorities and communities.
  • Promoting sustainable tourism: Airbnb is committed to empowering ordinary Europeans to seize the opportunity to host, while working with regions across the EU to promote tourism.

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