BCD report explores importance of sustainable business travel

The higher cost associated with greener travel options remains a barrier to the broader adoption of sustainable travel practices, according to a recent BCD report

Oct 6, 2023

The TMC recently surveyed 112 global travel buyers and close to 1,800 business travelers to gauge the importance of environmental sustainability in business travel. More than half of travel buyers stated the elevated cost of sustainable travel options is the biggest pain point when seeking to implement a sustainable program.

Key takeaways

  • While over half of travelers are willing to take fewer but longer business trips, or try new, more sustainable ways of traveling, only 30% are willing to pay more for travel to include carbon offsets;
  • The most popular sustainable practices embraced on the road are related to hotel stays, where 70% of travelers report avoiding frequent towel change and 60% refrain from using daily housekeeping;
  • Only a third of travel buyers (33%) require suppliers to have sustainability goals and commitments in place.

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