CitizenM has its expansion strategy down to a science

Efficiency is the name of the game in many ways for the "affordable luxury lifestyle" brand

Jun 26, 2023

To determine where it will plant its flag next, the tech-focused brand identifies 75 cities in America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Then the team gathers data for 40 variables in five categories, ranks the cities on those elements, then selects the first 25 cities that rank the highest.

Key takeaways

  • The company enters new cities with scale in mind. Some cities may only support one hotel, but in most cases, CitizenM will go to a place knowing that the goal is to create capabilities around development, operations and commercial strategies to support multiple hotels around the city;
  • Conversions from office buildings or hotels, maintaining historic facades and ground-up development are all strategies the company will consider;
  • Inside the hotels, it's anything but cookie-cutter. It's more about having "the customer's digital and physical experience at the center of what we do. All we care about is eliminating the frictions the customer might have during the travel journey."

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