Consumers see costs as barrier to sustainable travel

As the cost of living increases, it is creating a dilemma for many consumers who are also interested in traveling more sustainably

Apr 18, 2023

A new survey by of more than 33,000 respondents from 35 countries and territories finds nearly half believe more sustainable travel options are too expensive. That’s a dramatic increase from the online travel agency’s similar survey last year that put that number at just 11%.

Key takeaways

  • 76% of travelers say they want to travel more sustainably over the coming 12 months, while the same amount say the global energy crisis and rising cost of living is impacting their spending plans;
  • Nearly half (49%) of travelers believe more sustainable travel options are too expensive, in contrast to 43% willing to pay extra for travel options with a sustainable certification;
  • Taking conscious habits from home when traveling, 67% now turn off the air conditioning in accommodations when they aren't there (up 29% from 2022), while 60% re-use the same towel multiple times (up 25% from 2022).

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