Do travelers connect overtourism and sustainability?

The first step to understanding the traveler's relationship with overtourism is understanding the degree of traveler awareness and concern over it

Jan 9, 2024

Within the travel industry, issues of sustainable travel and overtourism go hand in hand, according to Phocuswright’s latest travel research report Far From the Madding Crowd? The Truth About Overtourism and Dispersal. But the average traveler does not see an apparent connection between overtourism and sustainability as a cause.

Key takeaways

  • Only 13-21% of travelers across markets view visiting less trafficked or off-the-beaten-path destinations as a form of sustainable travel;
  • This range is consistent with a broader trend: Travelers don't comprehend what sustainable travel means on a practical level;
  • The measures they understand better are typically environmental ones like recycling, reducing plastics or using public transportation, which can also be adopted at home and have been buoyed by years of public awareness campaigns.

Get the full story at PhocusWire and the report at Phocuswright

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