Email marketing trends for 2024

As an essential part of digital marketing for hotels, emails have the power to nurture guest relationships, generate new leads, and drive repeat business

Feb 15, 2024

To compete in this ever-changing, competitive channel, you’ll need not only to master the basics, but to also keep in touch with industry trends, new technology and well, everyone else. Digital marketing agency Travelboom has put together a list of email marketing trends and strategies to help improve your overall hotel email marketing performance.

Key takeaways

  • Focus more on content: Enhanced software functionality allows hotel marketers to embed a variety of elements in emails to create more compelling content experiences, and accessible templates promise every reader will get the message;
  • Personalize emails with AI: Instead of creating generic content for a large audience segment, marketers can use generative AI tools to fine-tune the copy and content to appeal to smaller audiences;
  • Prioritize email security: Google and Yahoo! have made authentication mandatory for bulk email senders, demanding many email marketers to review their authentication methods and make updates to remain (or become) compliant.

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