European hotel brand innovations to focus on profit margins

The general working scenario of the European real estate industry is “what can you do with a box that will not be an office?”

Dec 1, 2023

A lot of "outside-the-box" thinking by hoteliers in recent years has focused on delivering unique and memorable experiences to guests, but brand executives based in Europe said at the conference that innovation must take many forms.

Key takeaways

  • “We develop, own and manage our hotels, and we do our own sourcing to create more of a permanency, and then we add co-working and initiatives to center our hotels at the heart of the community. We’re moving away from age-based labels,” says Charlie MacGregor, CEO and founder of The Social Hub;
  • Fredrik Korallus, CEO of 92 Dean Street and a former CEO at Generator Freehand Hotels, might be developing the most non-traditional niche of the panelists. With his first hotel to open in 2025, he is providing what he called “nano” hospitality;
  • Laurence Geller, chairman of Geller Capital Partners, said his latest innovation merges the opulence and performance metrics of hotels with the elderly care-home community.

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