European Travel Commission launches climate action plan

The organization plans to halve its operational emissions by 2030 and to support its members on the journey to Net Zero

May 25, 2023

To address the urgency of climate action, the plan commits to halve emissions generated by ETC’s operations by 2030, as well as to support engagement in climate action among its member National Tourism Organizations (NTOs), and lead the way for tourism stakeholders in Europe.

Key takeaways

  • The tourism industry has both a responsibility and an opportunity to protect the resources it depends on, including the natural environments, wildlife, and cultural heritage that bring travel experiences to life;
  • At an operational level, ETC will focus on reducing the footprint caused by its operating activities, targeting its emissions hotspots: business travel, events, and FAM and influencers’ trips;
  • ETC will catalyze and support its national members to commit to a green transition, by building opportunities for collective action in Europe and providing technical support regarding the shift to Net Zero.

Get the full story at the European Travel Commission

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