Exploring the hybrid model in hotel design

In in-depth look on the the need for flexible design solutions and the blurring of boundaries in the process of creating a hybrid hospitality

Oct 19, 2023

Identifying the core trends that define hybrid hospitality, Hotel Designs took on the task, along with the designers around the table, of getting to grips with co-working spaces, the changing face of luxury and both maximizing space and understanding how the demands being made on hotel design is changing and evolving, to embrace the concept of hybrid hospitality.

Key takeaways

  • Getting rid of dead points and changing the use of a space to make it more multi-functional certainly challenged brand norms, but has been successful in allowing the entire space to work;
  • Successful illustrations of these concepts can be found in open-plan layouts that smoothly transition from a lobby to a lobby bar or a co-working area;
  • While revenue is always in the forefront of a development, in theory, creating buzzing and activated public spaces that are about delivering design, do in fact drive up revenue and room value.

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