Google: A consumer-focused marketing strategy needs privacy at the forefront

Consumers need to feel like their data is being respected, and that the one-to-one relationship between a consumer and a brand is being valued by the company

Feb 13, 2024

Consider airlines. If an airline asks you which hotels you typically frequent, or which car rental companies you prefer, you might be more open to providing that information because you recognize the value that is being exchanged for your information. Providing this data makes your travel experiences easier and more efficient, and that you trust this brand to protect your online privacy.

Key takeaways

  • Everything needs to anchor back to your business goals. What are your business objectives? What are your marketing objectives? What do you hope to achieve through those objectives?
  • Be transparent with your consumers. Explaining the value your consumer will receive in exchange for their information and why you're collecting the data in the first place is critical for building trust;
  • Empower your consumers with clear data settings. Consumers want to know that if they want to adjust their preferences on how their data is used, they have clear ways to change their data settings or turn them off altogether.

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