Google hands over flight emissions tool to an independent advisory group

The company will still handle the technical details of the Travel Impact Model, but the new group will oversee governance and major improvements

Jul 13, 2023

Google is setting up an independent advisory board to manage its Travel Impact Model (TIM), an open-source tool for predicting the per-passenger carbon emissions produced by an upcoming flight.

Key takeaways

  • Google drove decisions about TIM, but now, the company says it will merely manage the technical aspects of the model while all the major decisions will be handled by the new independent advisors;
  • The advisory panel, which is comprised of airline industry executives, regulators, climate experts, and consumer advocates, will convene on a regular basis to weigh possible changes to the model;
  • According to Google, the panel will “discuss and approve updates to the model by incorporating the latest scientific knowledge in the field of flight emissions forecasting.”

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