Hilton brings back daily housekeeping

The company will begin offering automatic daily housekeeping at its luxury, full-service, lifestyle brands this fall

Aug 15, 2023

Hotel brands have long been moving away from automatic daily housekeeping. Operators originally cited the environmental benefits of less housekeeping, and after the pandemic said the opt-in model ensured guest choice.

Key takeaways

  • It’s unclear if more hotel operators will revert back to automatic daily housekeeping at their properties, but experts say there are a few reasons why hotels may consider it;
  • Hotels may also be inclined to adjust housekeeping policies to meet customer expectations - especially among the higher-end hotels and resorts. Consumers are paying more for hotels, and they have an expectation for what services are included;
  • And daily housekeeping policies could help hotels retain staff who may feel overworked by cleaning rooms that have been ignored for multiple days.

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