Hilton hotels in the UK add carbon labels to food menus

Consumers have become accustomed to seeing calorie counts on menus but now guests can expect to see emissions information as well

Dec 18, 2023

Carbon labelling is an easy way to empower guests to make more informed choices, whether that’s by opting for an ultra-low emission dish, or simply reducing the frequency with which they order dishes with a higher carbon footprint.

Key takeaways

  • More than 30 properties across the country have included these scores for each dish, with more than 1.6kg of CO2 across the lifetime of an item being considered a high-carbon choice;
  • Response to the scheme in its first few months has been, says Hilton, largely positive. It reports an increase in popularity of menu items considered low-carbon and positive guest feedback to the labelling system;
  • This has led to the newly-released autumn menu being designed to feature 85 per cent low and medium-carbon options, with some dishes being altered and others replaced entirely.

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