Hilton launches zero waste menus

The menus, available to guests for one month at four flagship UK hotels, showcase innovative techniques to combat food waste

Apr 29, 2024

Dishes will utilise a range of innovative cookery techniques to showcase the potential for commercial operators to implement simple steps that eliminate or significantly reduce waste.

Key takeaways

  • Root-to-shoot and nose-to-tail cookery: using whole ingredients to eliminate waste – from salmon cheeks to ox heart, to fermenting vegetable stalks, trimmings and peelings to make rich sauces and stocks and using bruised or overripe fruits in cocktail making;
  • Rescuing and repurposing leftover food: helping to significantly reduce waste from breakfast buffets by using items such as pastries, bread, fruit and coffee beans to create mouthwatering puddings;
  • Pickling: collecting surplus fruit and vegetables otherwise destined to be thrown away and preserving them through pickling – including last year’s delicious gooseberries.

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