Hilton research identifies new generation of Asian travelers

‘GenerAsian traveler’ are inspired by self-discovery and have a desire for a deeper understanding of their own cultural heritage through travel

Oct 18, 2023

As Hilton releases its 2024 Trends Report, the leading global hospitality company has discovered an emerging generation of Asian travelers who are pursuing travel that will enable them to better understand their identity.

Key takeaways

  • This shift in global taste can be attributed to globalization, where international audiences have better accessibility and insight into Asia through pop culture and social media;
  • In Singapore, 87% of respondents reported they feel proud about the rising popularity of their country of origin as a coveted travel destination, with 92% feeling honored about the international popularity and appreciation for Asian food, design, and culture;
  • "Fueled by a sense of pride that Asian food, design, and culture are gaining popularity globally, we know this will hold even greater significance and interest for travelers in the upcoming year,” Ben George, senior vice president and commercial director, Asia Pacific, Hilton commented.

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