Hilton to install Tesla EV chargers at 2,000 hotels

The company announced a new agreement with Tesla to install up to 20,000 charging points at 2,000 hotels across the US, Canada and Mexico

Sep 12, 2023

Work will begin in 2024 to install at least six of the Tesla Universal Wall Connectors – which can be used to charge any North American electric vehicle – at each selected location.

Key takeaways

  • Hilton said that the agreement would make the group’s EV charging network “the largest of any hospitality network;”
  • Travelers are increasingly looking for EV chargers when they travel as evidenced by the continued growth of searches at Hilton.com for hotels with charging capability;
  • Tesla’s Universal Wall Connector is designed to seamlessly charge any North American vehicle model, expanding Tesla’s efforts to make great charging available to all EVs.

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