Hotel previsualization as a metaverse use case for right now

A privately hosted 'digital twin' of a property existing in the real world with service enhancing functions key target markets

Feb 14, 2023

This digital twin may be connected to or ported over into a virtual world at a future date, but right now the focus is on how activities in the metaverse can grow revenues or save costs, with quantifiable results on a quarterly income statement sometime in 2023 once there’s enough data to verify either way.

Currently there are two profound guest-facing use cases with big upside potential:

  • Hotel previsualization for event planning: Having a digital twin of your hotel available for event planners, giving them the confidence that the space will serve the event’s needs and those of all attendees;
  • Hotel previsualization for leisure travel: This idea of garnering trust extends to the transient segment, both for the booking phase and for prearrival upselling.

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