How AI can ready the travel and tourism workforce for the green shift

One of the biggest issues that employees face in trying to be more sustainable is that they simply don’t know where to start

Mar 7, 2024

Much of the public debate about artificial intelligence's impact on industries focuses on potential disruptions and job losses. What doesn’t grab as many headlines is the potential for AI to catalyze a skills revolution that could help address one of the world’s most pressing challenges — preparing for the green transition.

Key takeaways

  • By training a large language model (LLM) on sustainability best practices, it’s now possible to create a tool that employees can use to ask questions about sustainability - and receive guidance that they can easily understand and act on;
  • AI tools can also be leveraged to develop training modules that are tailored to the level of skills and understanding of individual employees. By incorporating “gamification,” they can incentivize employees to continue learning and progressing;
  • By applying AI technology, it’s now much easier for employees to build skills for the future, and for businesses to transparently track and report the impact of their efforts — encouraging behavior change from within.

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