How can travel and tourism plan for a decarbonizing world?

Continuing with business as usual, including maintaining current growth rates, isn’t a serious option, a new report concludes

Mar 6, 2023

Envisioning Tourism in 2030 is a new research report developed to help policymakers and the tourism industry understand what a global, thriving, de-carbonising tourism industry could look like by 2030 and through to 2050, when tourism and every other human activity must achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Key takeaways

  • Slowing the expected rapid growth in aviation, with limits on the number of long-haul flights;
  • Relying less on offsetting as a “sticking plaster” solution, focusing instead on decarbonization;
  • The need to consider equity and fairness, recognizing that some destinations are more ready for the scenario than others.

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