How rising global temperatures impact the tourism industry

Tourism is crucial to many economies, but rising global temperatures are putting parts of the industry at risk

Aug 15, 2023

Hot weather is what many people go on holiday for. But record global temperatures have been sending people home early from their vacations this July, raising questions about what kind of impact the climate crisis could have on the tourism sector – and on tourism-dependent economies.

Key takeaways

  • High temperatures will change tourism patterns: Rising temperatures are likely to result in tourists traveling in spring and autumn rather than the summer, as well as opting for cooler destinations;
  • Colder climates are suffering, too: Skiing and snowboarding are top of many visitor lists, but rising global temperatures have reduced seasonal snow cover in the Alps by 8.4% per decade in the past 50 years;
  • How tourism can change: Diversifying tourism strategies and activities is essential for countries to build resilience against economic fluctuations, mitigate overreliance on a single industry, and foster sustainable development that benefits both the local communities and the environment.

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